Growing up on a farm in Devon, Uk, was a happy way to start life.  It forged a love of nature and landscape, it honed my physical nature and ability to graft. But it was slow and distant, I found myself often day dreaming about what else might be out there…

Although my obsession with sketching and creating art wasn’t actively discouraged, it remained in the shadow of my aptitude for maths.    Jet fighters often buzzed that hilltop, I was thinking about escape and excitement, eventually it got me selected to fly Airforce.

By the age of 17, I had a pilots licence and was heading to Manchester for a degree in sensible engineering.  Don’t get me wrong, flying is awesome, but engineering killed my head, by the time University was done I just wanted to start again.

Then a real curve ball,  I got scouted to model, so why not! I travelled and just went with the flow. My eyes quickly opened to an industry’s existence that I had never even really contemplated.  A few years later the curiosity surrounding the other side of the camera got the better of me, I stepped backstage to begin 6 years as an assistant based in london until 2006.

Since then I’ve seen the best of the worst of the worlds weather, from -26C in Moscow to plus 48C in Namibia, I’ve shot in paradise, I’ve shot in slums, occasionally I’ve dodged security and just done it anyway….

My daydreams now create characters for my stories.  My happiest place is on an epic location, sun rising, team buzzing, sumptuous fashion and ridiculous beauty.  I enjoy creating characters and scenes that can’t quite be placed and can feel otherworldly.

My experience means I’m trusted, reliable, I get it done, I love travel and what I do, as do my trusted teams of artist and sidekicks.

I’ve always got a massive smile on my face and a duracel bunny-esque reputation for endless energy and patience to capture that moment.

Lately I’m developing and incorporating moving image into my portfolio alongside my photographic work, definitely inspired by the progression in the industry and what is demanded of us as image makers.

Based in London and often in Cape Town, editorials have included Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Lula, Conde Nast Traveller, Sunday Times Style, Tatler, Financial Times, Net-a-Porter, Dansk, Exit, Flaunt, L’officiel, King Kong, Wired…

Commissioned shoot locations have included India, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Mexico, China, USA, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Brazil, The Seychelles, The Caribbean, Indonesia and Iceland, Israel and Lebanon, most of Europe and of course the UK :-).  So you can trust me, I can get there, get the shots, and get back!

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